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LoveMore Movement Update!

We are making some changes at the LoveMore Movement hub, and we think you'll totally dig 'em! Instead of donating a percentage of each t-shirt sale, we will be donating a flat amount:

Buy a t-shirt, and we will donate $5! That's a little more than 10% and we feel really freaking good about it.

We are not a fashion line, but we love a good tee and we want you to be able to rock something you're proud of. It's more important for us to give back to others than anything else.

That said we want to bring your attention to another amazing organization: The Pink Ink Fund founded by Amy Black. Her recent TED talk will make you fall in love what she's doing.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter and if you are in the Richmond, Virginia area, you can check out her shop.  We are trying to make our way out to visit Amy and photograph her for the book!

Stay tuned, we have a limited edition surprise in store for you with proceeds going to Pink Ink!


You can check out Amy's TED here:





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