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It’s a Compassion Revolution

We have been talking about hoodies for a year. We did a survey, jotted down the stats, but still, they never came to fruition. The economy hasn't been kind to us and well, staying afloat was more important than a hoodie. But then I had an idea! Why not create what we wanted on TeeSpring and give YOU what you want while supporting this movement? Voila! A hoodie was born! As TeeSpring goes, they are short campaigns that rely on  YOU to share and purchase so it can tip. We have 5 days to go, so let's rock and roll! I cannot wait to rock mine!

In other news, it's our wonderful Co-Founder, Joseph Rogers' birthday. He posted on Facebook taht all he wants for his birthday is for folks to support the LoveMore Movement, buy a hoodie, and start a #CompassionRevolution!

Please tweet, instagram, facebook, scream on the top of a mountain, etc. You are welcome to use one of the images and this info:

Support the @LoveMoreMovement! Grab a hoodie and Start a #CompassionRevolution --> teespring.com/lovemoremovement

This is the front:

Compassion Revolution: Front











and the back


:Screenshot 2016-04-19 11.51.35

Love Notes: 3/365

Love Notes: 3/365

Own who you are;

Don't be a guest in your own life.

Love who you are;

You are worth every ounce of the love

You give and receive.

For you are a lotus,

Complete, strong, whole, and beautiful.


Love, Sarit3:365PoetryandProse

Love Notes for 365 Days

I will hopefully be posting daily love notes. I have decided to do another 365 project, this time with poetry and prose and using my vintage typewriter named Ernest. This is an ambitious idea of mine, however, we have one hell of an amazing community here and I figured we could all join in and share along.


Day 1/365


Day 2/365








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